The Beautiful Gardens of Garnish Island in West Cork

The Beautiful Gardens of Garnish Island in West Cork

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Garnish Island West CorkIsland West Cork

Garnish Island West CorkGarnish Island, located off the West coast of Cork, is noted for it mild and temperate climate. It is quiet an unusual place. The Gulf Stream ocean current strikes Ireland directly at this point, giving the the region a uniquely mild climate. The owners of the Island at the turn of the last century decided to turn it in to a tropical garden. The Island now features a diverse range of plants from Asia, the Caribbean and South America, all incorporated in and around an Italian centre piece.

Access is by one of several ferry services to the Island from the town of Glengarriff. These ferries take you to the island and usually sail by a nearby seal colony. The cost of the ferry trip excludes the admission charge to the island. The scenery is superb as you get a panoramic view of Glengarriff, the Beara Peninsula and Sheep’s Head while enjoying the  calm seas in the sheltered harbour.

Things to do West Cork - Garnish IslandThe Italian Villa and pond in Garnish Island. The Bonsai Tree, bottom of the stairs is 450 years old.

The Casita (Italian Tea House) situated in the Italian Gardens of Garnish Island. These were planted, 100 hundred years ago this summer. A hundred years a growing , as the sign says. Most of the plants in this section are from China.

Photo by:  by denvilles_duo

Garnish Island, West Cork, IrelandLooking over the Pond in Garnish Island.

Photo by Dondersteen

The Walled Garden, Garnish Island, West CorkThe Walled Garden, Garnish Island, West Cork

A traditional walled Garden, is a feature of many Irish public gardens.  The Orange Flower in the front right of the photo is Montbretia. Which at this stage has become commonplace in West Cork.  All the flowers in this lane are sheltered by exotic Chilean Myrtle Trees. Photo By denvilles_duo

The view of Glengarriffe from Garnish Island, West CorkThe view of Glengarriff from Garnish Island, West Cork.

Looking from the top of the Island, over to the mainland and the beautiful Caha Mountains of West Cork.                                                                                                                              Photo by Tom Raftery

Seal Watching Garnish Island, West CorkA Seal watches as the short ferry trip to the Island takes place.

Sometimes in West Cork, is well worth just lying in the sun for an afternoon and watching the tourists sail by on their holidays.                                                                   Photo by Dondersteen

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