Staying Healthy on Holiday

Staying Healthy on Holiday

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Staying Healthy on Holiday

Next time you go away on holiday, take a look around you at your fellow tourists. Whether you’re on a sun-kissed beach, in a tavern or perhaps enjoying a drink or two in a local bar, just spend a couple of minutes and see what other people are up to. In general, holiday-makers tend to fall into two categories: those who throw caution to the wind so they can eat and drink whatever they want and those who continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite all the temptations the resort can offer.

For many people, sticking to a recognised diet while on vacation is a difficult prospect. The heady combination of relaxation, warm weather and welcoming eateries is a powerful one, and it becomes increasingly difficult to turn down the cold beer and the steak and chips. It’s no great surprise to discover so many people abandon their regimes within a day or two of arriving at their chosen destination.

In general, slipping off the wagon isn’t the end of the world, of course, and a few days of summer fun is always OK if you manage to get back into the usual routine when you return home. However, the negative effects on the individual’s mind-set can be extremely damaging, and can even make them give up any thoughts about healthy living for the foreseeable future, which can have greater long-term damage for their well-being.

Keep it simple and succeed

Consuming significant quantities of alcohol is never particularly good for a healthy lifestyle, and when at home for fifty weeks of the year it’s not necessarily difficult to say no. But a beachside bar on a hot afternoon is a different prospect from the local pub on a rainy evening. A chilled beer or two could be OK once in a while, but not if it turns into several more three or four times during the holiday.

Needless to say, maintaining effective exercise regimes is never easy when on vacation. The general attitude among tourists is that they’re on holiday so why should they worry about exercise? This is completely understandable, of course, but it’s also something that needs to be thought through. If it was possible to at least go for a gentle jog in the mornings before it gets too hot this would be a big help.

The whole point of a holiday is to rest and recharge the batteries of life, of course, so there’s no need to feel as though you have to maintain a resolutely healthy eating, drinking and exercising regime. There is a happy medium, however, so you can at least exercise some caution before returning to normal life at the end of the trip. If you can manage that, the chances are you will feel rejuvenated and ready to continue to pursue a healthy existence.


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