7 Honeymoon Travel Tips

7 Honeymoon Travel Tips

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7 Honeymoon Travel Tips

Preparing for your honeymoon can be both exciting and stressful. There are so many destinations, considerations, and wedding plans to balance.

Couples often plan their honeymoon together. Or the bride or groom plans it alone for a surprise at the wedding. Either way, here are 7 tips to prepare for your honeymoon.

 1. Choose a budget

When you determine a budget early, you can more easily find a honeymoon destination that is realistic and well planned. This will ease stress in your planning and give you a clear picture of what is possible and desired.

2. Choose a destination

There are so many places to travel; think staycation, Caribbean cruise, Sandals Resorts, Ireland, Tahiti, Fiji, etc. Once you have your budget, choosing a location comes down to types of vacations that interest you. This may include beach vacations, historical tours, luxurious accommodations, or whatever fits your style. Think of activities you enjoy together and pick a destination that gives you options around those activities.

3. Consider a travel agent

If you’re staying home for your honeymoon, you can plan all the details yourself. If you’re going somewhere for the first time, especially international travel, find a travel agent that can share their experiences with you. They can help you select the best resort, destination, restaurants, and activities. They know the best times of year to travel to each location and will help you secure all the little details that make your honeymoon memorable and smooth.

 4. Prepare for memories

Find an online photography course or take a local class together on how to take better pictures. Your honeymoon memories will be something you review often. Make sure you have the right camera for your type of travel (point-and-shoot, Digital SLR, etc.). Know how to use the camera and how to take great pictures in bright sunlight or dim-lighted sunset settings so you can capture every detail.

5. Find a great travel checklist

There are so many rules when traveling, especially to international spots. Take this honeymoon checklist, for example, and make sure to add specialty items that pertain to you and your “new” spouse.

Honeymoon Ireland
Honeymoon in Ireland

 6. Book travel in your maiden name

Remember that you won’t probably have identification in your married name by the time you leave for your honeymoon. There may be a few exceptions like a delayed honeymoon. Keep a copy of your marriage certificate, passports, driver’s license, etc. to explain any discrepancies as you travel.

7. Print a copy of travel and activity documents

Determine if you’ll have mobile cell service at your destination; or if you’ll want it. This may mean that planning calendar events on your phone or other mobile apps may not be useable at your destination. Keep a printed copy of your itinerary with your travel documents.

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