The Most Picturesque Irish cottages

The Most Picturesque Irish cottages

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Cottages of Ireland

The traditional Irish Cottage, was for generations the post card image of Ireland, the thatched roof, the homely turf fire in the corner, the half door brightly painted. Theses are my ten favourite Irish cottages, some of them are for rent, indeed some are for sale, but all are lovely to look at.


Irish Cottage in Mooncoin by Joe Cashin Photography

An Irish Cottage, Mooncoin, Co.Kilkenny

Isn’t that just absolutely gorgeous, located in Co. Kilkenny, built in 1757 and featuring the traditional half door. Note the original read colour. Red was traditionally used in Ireland’s cottages  as it was believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Children’s clothes were often red, as well for this reason.


The Thatch Cottage, Glantane, Co.Cork

Thatch Cottage in Co. Cork

This Thatch Cottage in Cork is over 200 years old, located in the North of the County, it was the home of a prosperous farmer on the rich pasture of North Cork. It still has the original stone walls and the large open fireplace. This cottage is actually for sale at 196K euros.


Cottage in Killarney

Killarney Park Cottage, Killarney

This is located in Killarney National Park, and dates from the 1830′. It was built for workers on the estate and their families and are both used today by the park staff as offices.



Cottage, Cloughran, Co. Clare.

Copyright Joseph Mischyshyn and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

This Cottage in Co. Clare has been turned in to a Sweater Shop, selling Irish Gift Jumpers and Sweaters. You almost expect the upstairs windows to “blink”


Cottage, Ulster Folk Park, Down, Ireland

Cottage, Ulster Folk Park, Down, Ireland

One thing that all the previous cottages, and this one, have is that the thatch is very think, they are all inland, and less likely to experience the constant driving winds of the coastal community. The ultra White paint, that is so common to Irish Cottages is called “White Wash”, it is made by mixing Slaked Lime and Chalk or nowadays some cement. Smaller farm yard sheds are still often painted in it.


Danloes Cottage in Kenmare, Kerry


Danloes Cottage in Kenmare

A farm house cottage in Kenmare, that is now converted in to a self catering Cottage, this is located in a truly stunning place, the conservatory is looking out over a valley and at the end of the field is a large river with excellent fishing, especially Salmon. It is a great pleasure to just walk down the garden path and have some of the best river fishing in Kerry at hand. Danloe’s Cottage is a mix of modern and new, it is well insulated, up to date kitchen but has the original fireplace and layout to maintain the traditional cottage effect.


A traditional Irish Cottage Donegal, Ireland

Malin Cottage, Donegal

Note how in this traditional cottage from the Donegal Coast that the thatch is not as visible and is tied down to batons built in to wall. It is to stop the harsh Atlantic winds from ripping the roof off. The doors are also painted a very bright red, a colour that was traditionally used on doors as well. It is a very old pagan tradition, and was done to ward off ghosts and evil spirits from the house. Traditionally, homes were painted in very vibrant colours, with the castles of Gaelic Chieftains being painted in Yellows, Pinks, Reds etc.

I hope that you have enjoyed these pictures of Irish Cottages. If you are the owner of an Irish Cottage, that is for rent or sale or is a tourist attraction then why not submit an article to the site, get a valuable back link and traffic from a strong performing site. Email us: editor @ and remove all spaces.